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In addition to our revolutionary line of sportswear apparel and training gear, at UCR India we design and manufacture clothes catering to India and its homegrown population. One of the raging issues scathing India quite rapidly is diabetes. The epidemic of diabetes is spreading contagiously among the elderly and it’s also affecting other age sections. Strangely enough despite the rapid development and growth of India as a nation in various faculties, especially medicine, and modern technology, there seems to be no pre-emptive solution or curative solution for treating diabetes. Apart from regular insulin shots keeping blood sugar levels in control here is nothing else. The doctor’s staple prescription to any diabetic patient is to take proper care of the feet. The calluses formed in the foot region are quite sensitive and requite medical protection. The diabetic socks are the best accessories for keeping the feet safe, comfortable, breathable and spontaneous.

Hence we came with an exclusive product, a result of our painstaking research and analysis for a long time. For creating a product that is going to benefit diabetes patients in alleviating their pain we take initiative.

Diabetic Socks - UCR India

At UCR India our diabetic socks are there to cater to the diabetic patients of Indian origin. With a view to prevailing conditions, body structure, and dietary regimen, we provide bespoke products.

Our socks are seamless and together with the revolutionary compression technology blend fabric allows unrestricted movement without affecting blood circulation.

They are roomy and spacious while still hugging onto the outline of your feet snugly, keeping them warm and cozy. Made from soft yarn and insulated with paddings pace, this is possibly the best relief any diabetic patient can have and dream of.

With the latest style integration in play, the diabetic socks are a great hit amongst the customers. And the affordable pricing with a good warranty cover makes the deal very sweet but not diabetic.

Benefits of diabetics socks

  Keep feet dry to prevent fungal infection

  Improve blood blow

 Less edima on leg

 Zero seams and extra padding to prevent blisters

  Made from natural n soft yarn

  Fabric allows unrestricted movements


  Mild compression to reduce lower edima without promising vascular flow

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