UCR India has some really futuristic products for sports persons. I am a track and field athlete, specialising in triathlon and their triathlon field gear for women athletes is really unmatched. I have been using it for more than four months now and the high endurance fabric really insulates a comfort zone within to push me harder to challenge my own limits. Almost feels like a second skin but with a controlling element.
Rohan Gupta
I am a seasoned athlete representing state and nationals at many events. Earlier I had to source my running gear from overseas locations as India did not have customized running gear for athletes. Even the running shoes we used were ones designed for cricketers. But UCR India has really changed the whole approach to the game. With customized running gear not only can I notice the endurance on my muscles as they are exercised but I can continue to push myself without feeling sweaty or uncomfortable.
Pulkit Kumar
I am a budding gymnast and earlier I had to order my compression tights either from Sydney or Europe as India did not have any stores selling compression tights exclusively for gymnasts. But UCR India has introduced a great range of compression tights that allows me to pick and choose based on the intensity of my training regime for that day. Although slightly pricy, it is worth the effort as they are really comfortable and extremely resistant. I never have a feeling I am wearing clothing as it almost feels like second skin.
Yatendra Ganguly
UCR India is the first Indian brand I have seen exhibiting and showcasing training apparel exclusively for high intensity training. I am an incumbent of high intensity training modules in several formats for a reasonable period of time and in the given span of time, I had never come across dedicated clothing for my genre even in most reputed sport brand showrooms. Needles to say I have made a purchase and I am quite happy with the way it is providing service although it is quite early into the life cycle.
Richa Maurya

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